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Trigger Mailings

Trigger, or event based, marketing enables you to communicate with your customers at a time when they have indicated a propensity to purchase. Trigger-based marketing analyses customer behaviour to identify changes – or ‘triggers’ – that may indicate the need for a new product or service.

We give you the power to create your own solutions and messages at the most receptive time for your customers.

At the most basic level, triggers can include things such as the expiry of a fixed rate term on a mortgage or a change of address, which may, for example, prompt an insurance company to offer a new home and contents policy. Alternatively, when a customer goes through a particular spend barrier, it may be strategic to put forward a special offer that is redeemable when they hit the next spend barrier.

At the more sophisticated end of the scale, triggers may be based on any number of observations indicating a shift in customer behaviour. In the retail sector for instance, a relevant offer may be made where it is noticed that a high-value customer is shopping less frequently.

You can make the most of these ‘triggers’ by:

Sending out a mailing – fast!
Using Unity, you can mail a customer within a few days allowing you to take advantage of a specified purchasing pattern.

Taking advantage of white space
Put a flag message on a marketing mailing or transactional piece already being sent. This is called white space management and must be planned in advance. It uses digital colour printing to enhance messaging.

Planning campaigns
Know when your customer has an anniversary (e.g. expiry date, Valentine’s day) and send them a relevant upgrade or offer.