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GI Online Proofing – the quick and easy way to check your proofs

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Improve the turnaround time of your personalised proof approval process using GI Solutions Online Proofing. Designed to be fast and flexible, GI Online Proofing allows you to see all of your personalisation proofs through a web portal. You can view, comment and approve proofs all online – and the system is configurable to your specification.

This service is subscription based.


How is the system set up?

We will set up an online portal for you to view, comment on and approve your proofs. This portal will include user authorisation levels and access control configured to your requirements.

How do I know my proofs have been uploaded?

All registered users will receive an email alert to advise them that their proofs are ready to view. They will also receive an email alert every time a comment or approval of a proof is completed.

Who can see my proofs?

The connection is secure and encrypted. This means only those authorised users with the correct log in and password details are able to see their proofs. Additionally different members of your team can be allowed different viewing and authorisation capabilities. This ensures the right members of your team are involved at the right time to ensure proofs are approved quickly and efficiently.

Will it help with compliance and regulatory requirements?

Yes. All proofs, comments and approvals are saved into an audit trail for full transparency. On final approval the audit trail is sent to the main contact.

How does this work?

A web portal keeps all proofs in a single place with version control and a central log of all approvals, rejections and comments. Logging on will show the status of the proofs – whether approved or not – so you can see immediately any action that needs to be taken. You will also be able to see each viewer’s comments on each proof document.

What are the benefits?

Speed, efficiency, integrity and convenience. You will be able to share easily with those who need to see the proofs and be able to check immediately their status. Collating comments through a series of dispersed e-mail trails and proof versions is eliminated.

What else does it offer?

You can also choose to see the source data record displayed at the same time as the live proof. This allows you to quickly and efficiency ensure that any queries with your data brief can be answered.

For a demonstration of the benefits of online proofing please speak to marketing on 0116 232 1711 or email marketing