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Digital Envelope Mailpacks

Use variable colour messaging to add value to your mail packs

Tailoring your message to your customers’ tastes and preferences will let you stand out against your competitors, delivering better response rates and increased customer engagement.

So if your customers only like pink ones - or green ones or red ones or blue ones - you can show this inside and outside the mail pack.

Digital Envelope packs are produced using digital print technology – generating a:

  • colour personalised letter
  • colour personalised outer envelope
  • Selectively tipped-on personalised card

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NewManila Digital Envelope Mailpacks

ManilaAdd authority and increase opens and response with a manila mailpack

Following Royal Mail’s recent decision to accept mail that uses brown cardboard and brown paper as Sustainable® Advertising Mail, GI Solutions have launched our manila digital envelope product.
To allow brands in a wide range of sectors to benefit from this new product, we created the authoritative manila ‘mono’ envelope as well as the manila ‘creative’ envelope.
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Change your customers' behaviour


  • Improve response rates
  • Only print what you need
  • Vary brand and offers according to customer preference

Take a look at the range of digital envelope formats available at