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Dynamic Communications

Integrate your communication across all channels at GI Solutions. Using industry-standard software, you can input your communication design once then output to multiple channels including print, email and SMS. This capability saves time, reduces costs and ensures consistency of messaging to customers.

5 benefits of improving and optimising your customer communications:

1. One message, multiple outputs
Design your message once and the system will output to whichever format you choose automatically.

2. Responsive design
Built in html5, the messages are fully optimised for any device to ensure the best customer experience.

3. Interactive capabilities
Customers can adjust their points, rates and tariffs to see how they could benefit from changing their behaviour.

4. Access anywhere
Your customer doesn’t need an internet connection to see their information.

5. Added customer value
Customers can choose their channel preference, see their information interactively and judge accurately how changes can help them.

For a demonstration call marketing on 0116 232 1711 or emailmarketing.