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Secure and Safe Transactional Mail

Transactional mail includes the daily production of business critical mail, secure mailings, statements, renewals and billing. To offer our clients a robust and secure system for the production of Transactional Mail, we have excelled in three areas:

Being certified to ISO 27001 ensures we meet the highest standards for secure production. The process is driven by a file based audit system using 2d barcode technology for full read in, read out reporting.

Production and Automation
Where possible, we automate the checking and sortation of data and information to improve processes and increase turnaround. Data validation, data processing and the division of data files into production-efficient cells follows pre-agreed rules. The machines used for the production of Transactional Mail are fast, efficient and support a full audit trail. We use high volume continuous printed output across both digital and laser platforms, with envelope fulfilment capabilities using intelligent enclosing.

Account Management
A dedicated team of experts manage the flow of regular Transactional work through the plant. Their experience ensures you receive proactive service for your requirements with automated and bespoke reporting delivered online.

At the heart of this service is the GI Core Transactional Management System. This is the “control” database to which all processes pass information about the data (metadata) and from which all processes receive configuration and processing instructions. Each client has their own dedicated CTMS. This database holds all document type (template) information including components and status and also all stock levels. It also defines the rules for streaming documents for the most efficient production process and defines which data records are allocated to each stream.

This system gives you:

  • The full colour digital solution including inserts printed dynamically in-line to reduce stock holding and improve flexibility and speed of change.
  • Fast and flexible change management including the ability to change common components such as signatures and signatories across multiple documents with ease.
  • Mail discount optimisation through intelligent combination of documents into larger, qualifying streams.
  • Full audit trail from data receipt to final sealed pack with reconciliation reporting and spoil regeneration for 100% fulfillment.
  • Scalable solution able to accommodate further data supplies and output streams without redevelopment.
  • Full, automated reporting giving accurate and up-to-date progress, holding and reconciliation information.
  • A solution ready for promotional and informational message inclusion and white space management technology to further enhance the customer communications.