Best Practice Business Critical Mail

Best Practice Business Critical Mail

Advising customers of regulatory information is often a mandatory requirement which must be confirmed in writing. Usually there is a set time period for the notification to be completed and the processes to carry out the mailing must be secure because of the sensitive nature of the information being confirmed.

Rate Change Mailing and Annual Statements

As experts in the successful delivery of rate change mailings and Annual Statements, GI Solutions can help to ensure the message is delivered quickly and efficiently. Using inline technology, GI Solutions reduces the time it takes to produce the mailing, making it quicker and easier to speak to your customers. Inline technology is a single operation for all requirements: printing, personalisation, folding, gluing and enclosing. This has many advantages over pre-printing items separately and enclosing offline.

This process saves money. Producing the mailing in a single operation uses less resource and can offer significant savings over conventional production. There is more time to gather data and make last minute changes – important for rate change mailings. It is secure as all of the personalisation is done at the same time. It is also quick. One million packs can be produced and mailed within 24 hours.

The requirement for security is delivered through GI Solutions’ information security standard of ISO 27001. Using a 2d barcode, GI Solutions have an audit trail of production, through printing to enclosing and mailing for full and visible security.

To ensure the efficient and cost-effective delivery of mandatory mailings, we have a number of format ideas:

Mail Pack

An A4 or A3 Letter printed and personalised and enclosed into a C5 envelope is a quick, cost-effective and secure way of advising information.


  • File received 6am day one will mail same day
  • Up to 8 double sided, personalised A4 pages
  • Inserts can be supplied or printed on demand
  • 100% mailing verfied by 2d barcode
  • C5 Outer Envelope

Secure one piece

For higher quantities, the inline secure one piece offers flexibility, security, speed and cost-effectiveness. The whole product is produced in a single operation – reducing price per unit.


  • Can deliver savings up to £1,500 per mailing
  • Production time can be reduced by up to five days
  • Improved speed to market can allow use of more cost-effective postal services
  • As the entire pack is produced in a single operation the carbon footprint is low

Digital Printed Pack

Another service which can offer multiple benefits for loyalty statements is a white paper solution using variable digital printing. This eliminates the need to pre-print stationery allowing the printing of all information at the same time. The process only produces the copies you need. Each letter can be varied including brand and tariff information without having to change stationery.


  • Improved response rates through fully variable content
  • Increased customer engagement 
  • No stock required – only print what is needed