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Multi-Channel Marketing

Campaign management2An effective multi-channel marketing approach combines the right mix of media channels to maximise the impact of your campaigns.

It starts with unlocking the power of your database through data analysis that will provide the insight you need to inform your decision for selecting the best media channels, audience and message for your campaign. This enables you to communicate with your customers using the channels they prefer to get the best response.

We will also discuss with you your objectives both for the individual campaign and within the wider context of your marketing strategy. Which customers you are trying to reach; which products you are promoting and how this interacts with your existing CRM programme are the typical questions we will investigate with you.

Once we have agreed the objective we will then recommend data selection and channel criteria to achieve your goals and where required we provide the campaign management services to deliver your integrated marketing campaign.

For your peace of mind, all of these services are available under one roof.


Good analysis isn’t just about statistics; it is about the interpretation and commercial application of the knowledge. We have a pragmatic approach to delivering incremental revenue from your database and provide insight which will influence your future strategy and approach.


To ensure the campaign is successful we will suggest the optimum method of communication. Our experience extends across many different direct marketing channels:

Email campaigns are an effective method of driving web traffic and sales. We help through data selection, template design, segmentation and personalisation, proofing and delivery.

Direct Mail
Direct mail is an effective way of getting a tangible message into the hands of your customers and prospects and prompting action. Mail packs and one piece mailers can contain personalised information and coupons to drive sales and which allow you to track customer spend behaviour. The use of digital printing increases your capability of personalising your messages to your customers. Currently findings at GI Insight show direct mail delivers unrivalled responses.

Useful for reminders and alerts, Mobile messages are quick and easy to deliver. We can help with data checking, design of message, proofing and broadcast. For example, you can send them a reminder to redeem a money-off coupon just before the expiry date. Customer data can be used to drive the content for mobile marketing campaigns and therefore make it more personalised, timely and relevant – all within the same campaign.

Further engagement with customers can be generated through the creation of a bespoke webpage tailored to a customer’s profile. This can be a GURL (generic webpage) or PURL (personalised webpage). We have extensive experience in creating microsites to drive traffic online to capture additional lifestyle information for future campaigns. These include personalised URL’s from within an email with personalised offers, barcodes and dynamic content as well as microsites from main web site to join a loyalty programme, manage an account or offer personalised offers and rewards.


An essential part of our service is campaign analysis where we investigate the results of your campaigns and feed this back into the database. The information from this analysis develops the customer journey and we are able to track the success of the profile of customers, promotions, offers, products and channels. This directly influences both marketing planning and strategy and the success of future campaigns.