Engage 13 small Engage Issue 13

Sending your customers information on a card is often necessary, and there are a range of options available to you when choosing a card to mail. On pages 4 and 5 we showcase those options to help you make the right choice for your campaign. Our case study on page 3 discusses how an innovative format drove sales for Sky. Page six contains an update on postage from our specialist Gemma Slade, and on page seven you’ll find details of an exciting new feature of our website, the GI Solutions Knowledge Centre.

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Engage 12 small Engage Issue 12

Two pieces of recent research: fast.Map's 'From letterbox to inbox: Building Customer relationships 2013' and the 'Keep Me Posted' campaign, identified a preference for printed communications; and the potential it offers to send those customers (particularly those with a limited online presence) engaging and personal communications. In this feature we demonstrate how you can capitalise on this thirst for printed communications, and suggest great formats to help you do so.

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Engage 11 cover smallEngage Issue 11

The use of new technology is affecting all areas of life.  We look at how some of these developments can help you to save money, save time and improve response.

Our case study shows how Sky used image recognition with Blippar to link DM and online - showcasing how to provide exciting additional content for your customers.

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Engage 10 smallEngage Issue 10

This issue focuses on creativity, and how direct mail and door drop campaigns can achieve maximum impact when exploited to their full creative potential.

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Engage 9

 Engage Issue 9

Customer communication today is all about embracing digital technology and using the internet, email, social media and mobile.

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Engage 8Engage Issue 8

This issue describes how you can increase your documents value by adding personalised messages.

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