Postage is the most expensive part of the Direct Mail process, responsible for up to 75% of the cost. Here is all the latest news, information and tariffs to help you get the most from your postage budget.

There are a number of ways of getting the most from your postage budget including DSA alternatives. For help on how to access their tariff or for a free postage audit please email us at postalhelp

Free Postal Audit

To save you money, we offer a free independent audit on postage. This looks at your mailing requirements and advises you on the best solutions including using alternative postage products, and the likely savings you will achieve.


Increased postage prices

Royal Mail Wholesale published increased prices for the Access letters that will come into effect from 4th January 2016.

Royal Mail have announced their intention to increase the existing 2.5% price differential between the Mailmark option and the next lowest price option (CBC/barcode) to as much as 4% from June 2016.

Royal Mail is also increasing Advertising Mail discount to 4.7p per Letter item and 7.4p per Large Letter item.

Encouraging mail in trays

The use of trays enhances mail hygiene. Items presented in trays have the lowest price. This is because they are the most efficient container for handling of Letters and Large Letters (up to 10mm thick).

The discount for items presented in trays will continue to be 0.25p for Letters. From 4th January 2016, the discount will be increased to 0.5p for Large Letter items when compared to the same items being presented in bags.

‘Send more for less’ – new option for catalogues/brochures

Customers that post catalogues or brochures may be interested in the new weight bands introduced with 2016 Royal Mail Advertising Mail prices. They will come into effect from 4th January 2016 for use in the Advertising Mail Catalogue Trial. They include, for the first time, five new weight bands between 100g – 150g for both Letter and Large Letter format items. This will, in effect, reduce the price increases for catalogues over 100g.

The Advertising Mail Catalogue Trial starts on 4th January 2016 and will run until 17th March 2017.

Digital Stamp indicia trial – for Royal Mail Retail and Wholesale customers

Great opportunity to improve mail response and effectiveness to use the digital stamp option to measure effect on recipient behaviour and campaign return on investment. The trial takes place up to 26th February 2016.

You have a choice of using one of two digital stamp designs shown below. Whichever one you choose, you will need to apply the Access Licence Number assigned to you under your Access Contract to the artwork you create (to replace the C1 12345 number shown in the images below).


Seeding mail items

For each Ad Mail/greenPost mailing the customer must provide Royal Mail and Whistl with a sample/seed to verify conformance to the greenPost specification. The sample/seed must be an exact reproduction of the mailing items posted of both envelopes used and contents enclosed. The samples/seeds must be sent to the following address:

Royal Mail Wholesale
PO BOX 72662
E1W 9LD   


We have been working with Royal Mail over the last few months as part of the early adopters phase for EIB. EIB or Enterprise Intelligent barcoding is a Royal Mail barcode that allows customers to receive tracking reports on dates and volumes of processed mail. The machines verify the items through the machines against the live data which is provided to them electronically by the mailing house as a manifest.

The Royal Mail Mailmark® option for machine-readable mail was successfully launched in March 2014.  Using the Mailmark® option will give you access to reporting, visibility of the performance of supply chain as well as data on the quality and predicted delivery of your mail. Since January 2015 you can pay a lower price for the Mailmark® option compared to OCR and Barcode options. In addition, Royal Mail offers free, on-line Mailmark® performance reporting. They therefore believe there is no need to maintain a more expensive, second Barcode option that doesn't offer reporting and we would like to simplify our product portfolios by removing the Sorted & Unsorted Barcode options from January 2017.

Grow your business with Advertising Mail!

If you have not used Advertising Mail services and are considering doing so, you may be eligible for up to 20% postage credit on your first mailing. For more information go to

Whistl Updates

Whistl has suspended End-2-End (E2E) delivery service and diverted all of their E2E mail volume through our Downstream Access (DSA) network.

Citpost Updates

Citipost introduced new indicia’s. These can be downloaded using following link 

International Product Portfolio

Products simplified:

  1. Zero Sort
  2. Zone Sort
  3. Country Sort
  4. Max Sort

Delivery aims


Europe Rest of World


3-5 Days 5-7 Days


N/A  14-21 Days


     10-15 Days          6-12 Weeks    

 *Only available with Max Sort

  Sustainable Mail™

One of the best ways to achieve postage savings is to meet Royal Mail criteria for Sustainable Mail™. This shows that the impact on the environment has been considered when designing and producing the piece. There are two levels:

Entry level receives a price discount of 1.7% per item on a letter format
Intermediate criteria receive 3.9% on a letter format

Sustainable Mail™ tariffs are achieved when:

  • Mail items are made from responsibly sourced materials
  • All paper elements of the pack are recyclable
  • Recycling messages have been used
  • Data should be suppressed against the Mail Preference Service (MPS)
  • 90% data must meet Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF®)
  • Envelope windows must be recyclable

To qualify for the additional 0.4 pence price discount under the intermediate level, further standards include:

  • Suppliers should have certified environmental management systems
  • The use of at least one commercially available deceased file and goneaway file
  • Opt Out instructions must be included
  • Returned goneaways must be suppressed
  • 50% of finishes must be water-based
  • 95% data must meet Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF)



Sustainable Mail update

As part of our continued product development Royal Mail have been reviewing the specification for Sustainable Advertising Mail. In recent years the range and type of materials that can be recycled at the ‘curb side’ by councils around the country has increased. They remain committed to reducing the impact of Direct Mail on the environment and will continue to look at how to improve your environmental products. As such Royal Mail can now accept mail that uses brown cardboard and brown paper.