Direct Mail Format Ideas


Stuart small2
Stuart Goddard
, our Commercial Team Manager, shares GI Solutions' recently developed
format ideas.

“In my role as Commercial Team Manager, I often get asked for help to make Direct Mail campaigns more cost effective. The development team at GI Solutions are always working on new format ideas to help you get better responses on your mailing campaigns. Recently we have had a massive upturn in the use of high impact one piece mailers driven by a need to stand out on the door mat. Here we showcase some of the best direct mail ideas that have been developed recently.”

Mail PackInline Mailpack -
This format has been a great success for utility, retail, charity and financial clients. It produces a letter inside an outer envelope in a single process – meaning you get a cheaper product with no need for separate envelope or enclosing. The items inside the pack can vary according to your requirements – choose between 1 x A4 letter; 2 x A4 letter; Flyers or BRE.

• It can be personalised or used as a door drop 
• The format meets Sustainable MailTM format guidelines

CouponCoupon Booklet -
Coupons drive response and offer value to your customers. Coupons drive footfall in store and sales online. Incorporating a coupon booklet into a mailing is simple and means your customers can detach the book and put it straight in their wallet. This format can be enclosed into an outer or sent as a one piece mailer.

• It can be personalised or used as a door drop 
• The coupon booklet can be a 4pp, 6pp or 8pp

SecureStepped Edge Booklet - 
A booklet is a great way to promote a range of products. To make them stand out, why not send a stepped edge booklet? Each category can be clearly defined helping your customers buy your products: Use coloured scitex to increase impact and personal feel.

• It can be personalised or used as a door drop 
• It can include personalised coupons to encourage purchase

PopupPop-up -
Clients that have used a pop-up to bring their products to life include retail, technology and telecoms. A 3d image helps to engage the customer and create awareness of your offering. Enclose with an outer and personalise the envelope to give it a customised feel.

• Pop-up creates immediate engagement
• It can be personalised or used as a door drop
• Include a QR code to drive people to your website

TiponTip-on Card -
Giving customers something to keep will extend the effect of your mailing and allow them to retain a reminder of your services. They can keep this so that when they do need you, they have your details to hand.

• Separate card gives customers your details to keep
• Can be 450gsm
• It can be personalised


For more information on any of these formats or to request a quote, please contact:

commercial2 or call 0116 232 1711

Creative Seminar

If you want to explore ideas to help improve your direct mail response rates then try GI Solutions’s Creative Seminar. This is a bespoke, one to one seminar which allows us to understand your mailing requirements and issues and offer our advice.