Database Management

Single Customer View

Benefits of SCV2In the era of ‘Big Data’, customers are interacting with companies through many different channels. From clicks to tweets, companies need to be able to assess what information is necessary and useful and turn that data into valuable insight.

Database management is about delivering incremental profit. We find that on average we generate £6 incremental revenue for every £1 spent. The ability to prove its effectiveness is central to the power of database marketing.

To allow you to maximise the effectiveness of the resource available, we will create a single database built from multiple data feeds. From this we can help you create a CRM programme to support your marketing strategy and drive effective customer communications.

Good marketing is about relevancy and being able to use the information in your SCV will enable you to understand your customer’s behaviour.

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Our marketing databases are designed to provide a 360° view of the customer. This ‘single customer view’ will provide a true picture of a customer’s relationship with an organisation and enables complete understanding of their habits, behaviour and preferences. By viewing the loyalty card that was used for a certain transaction and the recurrence of certain factors such as time and place, valuable insight is provided enabling customer communications to be targeted more effectively.

Every marketing database we build is truly bespoke and is scalable to meet the changing need of your business. Our web reporting facilities offer easy access to reports, so you can understand your customer's behaviour.

Database feeds come from multiple sources, such as till systems, ecommerce websites, sales systems and application forms.


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