Actionable Insight

Actionable Insight3Linking customers to their transactions generates powerful data, which once analysed provides influential statistics when turned into customer insight. The data generated by marketing analysis is an enabler for you to explore revenue and products and link these to individual customers, understanding:

  • Their spend over any given period of time
  • Number of transactions
  • What products they buy over time and in one transaction
  • Shopping frequency
  • Their average customer value (ACV) in any given period
  • Their average transaction value (ATV) in any given period
  • Whether they are promotionally responsive
  • Whether it changes by geo-demographic group or by drive time
  • When they last spent
  • Whether their revenue trend is increasing or decreasing

The data analysis is only the first step. As a result of our analysis, we use our customer segmentation strategy and Customer Journey methodology to recommend specific approaches in your customer relationship management and communication strategy.