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GI Solutions - Media and Technology

Media and Technology companies are able to use data to target communications to their customers most effectively. Improving sales, delivering leads and driving traffic online are some of the biggest challenges for all companies.

Ensuring a clean mailing database
To ensure data is clean and accurate to give the best mailing results GI Solutions has a full suite of data cleansing and enhancement products.

Creative Formats
To help the creation of new format ideas, we have a website which holds hundreds of direct mail formats shown in animation. These ideas include one piece mailers and mail packs for both direct mail and door drop campaigns. To use this go to

Door Drops
Door Drop campaigns deliver strong results to both customers and prospects and can use innovative formats and geographical targeting.

Using colour in Loyalty Statements
Loyalty programmes will often mean sending a regular paper statement to customers. This is a great time to reinforce your relationship with the client and thank them for their business. Using digital print, it is possible to vary the offers, promotions and images to each customer to ensure the information is relevant and increase engagement with the programme. 

Postal Audit
To ensure the best mailing tariff is being used, we offer a free independent audit on postage. This audit will advise the best solution based on current mailing needs including Royal Mail and Downstream Access suppliers. 

Multi-Channel Marketing
Effective multi-channel marketing combines the right mix of media channels to maximise the impact of your campaigns. Integrated marketing can improve campaign performance and return on investment. We can analyse data to ensure the correct customers are selected for targeting and send using the best method of execution to reach those customers. 

We have a full suite of regularly held seminars that can help you maximise the value of your customer and marketing communications.