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GI Solutions - Mail Order

Mail order companies have always been at the forefront of building customer relationship as the success of the business is directly affected by acquiring and retaining loyal customers.

Ensuring a clean mailing database
To ensure data is clean and accurate to give the best mailing results GI Solutions has a full suite of data cleansing and enhancement products.

Address carrier
A personalised address carrier is used to ensure the catalogue is correctly mailed and sometimes used to promote a selection of products. To improve sales, GI Solutions can personalise the Address Carrier in colour. This allows variation of the product offering according to the customer purchase history and can include personalisation of an Order Form. This ensures your mailings are relevant and well targeted encouraging sales.

Personalised magazine covers
Personalising your magazine covers allows you to increase the amount of personalised information being sent to the customer. Specific offers and messages can be tailored to customer purchase history to increase relevancy and encourage sales. A fully personalised Order Form can be included for customer use.

Postal Audit
To ensure the best mailing tariff is being used, we offer a free independent audit on postage. This audit will advise the best solution based on current mailing needs including Royal Mail and Downstream Access suppliers. 

Multi-Channel Marketing
Effective multi-channel marketing combines the right mix of media channels to maximise the impact of your campaigns. Integrated marketing can improve campaign performance and return on investment. We can analyse data to ensure the correct customers are selected for targeting and send using the best method of execution to reach those customers.

We have a full suite of regularly held seminars that can help you maximise the value of your customer and marketing communications.