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Adding Value to Mailings

1. Use a QR code
QR picQR is the abbreviation for Quick Response, as its contents can be decoded at high speed. A QR Code is a matrix barcode readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and Smartphones. The information encoded can be SMS, URL or other data.

For a QR code to work you must download an app in the first instance If you are thinking of using a QR code in your next mailing, ensure that you explain it clearly to the reader and that it takes them to a relevant landing page.

Wherever possible, webpages should be re-designed to suit the smartphone format, which also makes it easier for the browser to locate the article they are looking for.

There are over 3,000 apps now in the Apple Store so ensuring your customers use yours can be a challenge. If you add a QR barcode to your direct mail, you can send someone straight to the App you want them to use.

Variable map2. Add a variable map
Using digital print to add a variable map helps to personalise your mailings which can increase your response rates.

Using maps is a great way to increase footfall into store or send recipients to a specific location.

A variable map will show them the location in relation to the surrounding area and indicate how far it is away. This brings to life the proximity of your store and makes it feel closer and easier to get to.

Annotation boxes can be used in conjunction with variable maps to give vital information such as total distance, location, postcode or event times.

For more information on adding variable maps to customer communications visit

3. Include a coupon
A coupon can trigger a purchase either online or in store. The coupon value can be restricted by time and the value of the coupon can be varied according to the individual you are sending it to. With digital printing you can now add a colour logo and a name and barcode. And with GI Direct’s variable perforation unit, you can include as many or as few coupons as you think your customer will use.

Personalisation of the coupon is vital if you want to track redemption and increase your knowledge of your customers.

4. Variable images
Is there a specific trigger for your mailing? It could be:

  • A reminder mailing from a donation made this time last year
  • A product offer matching a previous purchase
  • A suggestion for loyalty point redemption

All of these can be adequately explained in writing. They can also be better shown as an image. And if you use digital printing, you can switch the image according to the offer and increase response rates.

5. Use highlight colour
Rather than personalising the copy in black only, highlight the specific offer areas in red or green. Used judiciously, a highlight colour can ensure the price, updates or offers are not missed increasing your response rate for very little additional cost. This will help make sure the most important elements of your communication are not mis-interpreted or overlooked and can ensure offers or incentives are more effective. On statements or invoices highlight colour can also reduce call centre traffic by ensuring information like amount outstanding or payment options are clear.

Envelope26. Use a personalised envelope
Using a personalised closed face outer envelope, rather than a window envelope with the address on a carrier inside the pack, can increase the personal look of your mailing.

You can also add a personalised strapline to encourage the recipient to open the pack and add a Royal Mail stamp to increase the personalisation and the potential response rate.

7. Transpromo
Transpromo is the addition of a promotional message to transactional printed documents such as statements and bills. There is evidence to suggest that this type of mail is opened, kept and read by a high proportion of recipients so it makes sense to add value where appropriate.

The use of Transpromo begins with an analysis of customer data and an evaluation of marketing strategy to ensure the right message is sent to the right recipient. The messages could be to promote an upgrade to a product or service you know the recipient has; to share a promotion being shown in other media; to encourage an online presence or to promote a third party product or service. Once the messaging has been agreed and the data sortation has been decided, then either a given space on the document can hold the variable message or the white space available can be used. If the white space is to be used, then additional software is required to ensure the correctly sized promotional message is used according to the white space available.

A digital output device is needed to produce full colour variable documents however, a mono device can still be used to carry transpromo messages, albeit in black and white only.