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Robust election services

GI Solutions are experts at providing election collateral for local, national and international elections. We have extensive experience in providing robust and secure workflow solutions to ensure ballot books and election registration materials are produced with a full audit trail from production to delivery.

The quantities we deliver extend from a few thousand to many millions. We can provide ballot books, tally forms, postal ballots and election posters – all personalised with the candidate information and with a full audit trail from production to delivery.

The audit trail is controlled by a 2d barcode. This barcode is printed on to all materials for full matching and checking. The information is then read back into a database for a full audit report.

For information security, we use ISO 27001, the international standard for the control and protection of information. This governs our processes ensuring we plan our processes, carry out our activities, check for accuracy and incorporate feedback into the cycle. This ensures we continuously improve our processes to offer best practice to our customers.