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World Land Trust

WLT logoUse Carbon Balanced Paper to help reduce your carbon emissions

Carbon Balancing is an additional accreditation you can add when buying paper. This accreditation costs £10 per tonne of paper and the contribution goes towards conservation projects run by the World Land Trust.

When you agree to purchase paper with this accreditation, you can receive a certificate from World Land Trust (WLT) confirming the amount of carbon balanced and land preserved.. You are also able to use the WLT logo on your artwork. Additionally, you are still able to use the FSC/PEFC logos as usual.

What is Carbon Balanced Paper?

Put simply, it is where the average carbon impact for paper production has been balanced, or offset, by World Land Trust – an international conservation charity - through the preservation of high conservation forests, saving threatened habitats and their biodiversity. Sir David Attenborough OM, CH, FRS is among its Patrons.

How do I proceed?

Just advise GI Solutions that you would like to purchase Carbon Balanced Paper and we will do the rest. You will be charged the additional £10 per tonne of paper and receive your certificate.

*This incentive is not currently available for Hybrid Mail and Transactional Mail Services